Preparing for a far-away move

Moving can be a complicated process, especially when the new home is far away, whether its to another part of the province, or right across Canada.  Buyers must research the town, school systems, job market, and neighbourhood all before settling on a new location.  The real estate professionals at Coldwell Banker recommend taking the following steps to ensure that when it comes time to move to a distant location, the process goes as smoothly as possible.
First, Get Organized. When moving many miles away it makes sense to compile a list of the key information required before deciding where to live.  Other Important questions include:
What is the cost of living? How does it compare against where we’re living now?

  • What is the price of a similar sized house in the new location?
  • What is the community like? Are the neighbourhoods safe?
  • Where are the schools located?
  • What is the noise factor?
  • Will this be a good area for my spouse to find work?
  • What is the public transportation system like?
  • How long will the commute be?

Due Diligence. To learn about the typical lifestyle of the town, as well as community events and safety, get a few back copies of the local newspaper, or log on to their Web site.  This third party information, and more facts from the local Chamber of Commerce, will give a sense of the area.
Use the Internet. When it comes to the home itself, the Web is an invaluable tool. Web sites such as can provide visitors with a wealth of useful information. Features like the Coldwell Banker Home Price Comparison Index can help you approximate how much a comparable house will be worth in the new market.  This information also provides some insight into the local cost of living.  Visitors can find a variety of community information including median age and income, percentages of married couples and children, recent home sales, and more.
Find a local real estate professional.  Begin to work with a real estate sales representative early on when visiting the new city. If you don’t have a real estate representative in your target area, your local Coldwell Banker representative can help put you in touch with an experienced professional who will be a good ‘fit’ for you and your needs.
Feet on the Street.  Look to see how much new construction and renovation work is taking place. This will indicate whether the neighbourhood is growing and developing, and whether current residents plan to stay. Let your sales representative take you through the neighbourhood “after hours” to see what it looks like when all have returned from work and school.
Chat time.  If possible, try to have a few conversations with local residents who live nearby.  They have their fingers on the pulse of the neighbourhood and the community at large.
Want to know more about choosing the right community? Talk to a Coldwell Banker professional.