Real Estate Consumers want an Ultimate Service® experience 

In today’s marketplace, Canadian consumers are constantly being inundated with advertising claims from a number of real estate brands, many of which sound very similar from one company to the next.  The consumer is left wondering whether there really is a difference between real estate companies.
That was a key reason why Coldwell Banker developed Ultimate Service®.  While other brands or real estate professionals may talk about quantity – how many homes they’ve sold, or other such numbers — Coldwell Banker focuses on quality.  The quality of service that Coldwell Banker professionals deliver to home buyers and sellers across Canada through a unique program called Ultimate Service.
It all starts with listening.  Every customer and every transaction is different.  Only by listening to the customer and truly understanding their individual needs, can you deliver a value proposition that will meet those needs.
There are three distinct steps to the Ultimate Service marketing process:
— First, we listen to the customer
— Second, — together with the customer — we develop a customized service plan to meet their needs…and then commit to that service plan, in writing.  We offer a signed pledge to customer satisfaction in the form of our Buyer and Seller service guarantees
— And finally, we give our customers an opportunity to evaluate our service in the form of customer satisfaction surveys.
The satisfaction surveys benefit the consumer in two ways.  First of all, it helps us to  continually evaluate and refine their service.  Only by constantly improving can you ensure that your service stays ahead of your customers’ expectations.
But there’s another way that our survey benefits the consumer – it offers them a proven track record of our performance.  In fact, Coldwell Banker Canada has just earned a 98% overall satisfaction rating from Canadian Home Buyers and Sellers.  And what’s more, we’ve now done it for 13 years in a row!
Our Ultimate Service claim is unique in the real estate industry.  Why?  Because it’s based on what real, live customers had to say about the service experience delivered by their Coldwell Banker agent.
Our 98% satisfaction rating – which was tabulated by an independent third party company – was based on the responses of over 50,000 Canadian home buyers and sellers.  No other company in real estate can make that claim.
When you choose Coldwell Banker, you don’t have to take our word for it that we provide outstanding service – just ask our customers!