Are you addicted to Gardening

Here are 10 Signs That May Determine If You’re Addicted to Gardening

To say you have a green thumb might be an understatement.

1. When your co-worker shows off her freshly-painted manicure, you proudly present the dirt under your nails.
2. Your garden Crocs are your statement shoes.
3. You mention to your friend that you planted Bellis perennis this weekend, and she looks at you like you have two heads. (“Daisies, obviously.”)

4. Your daughter asks for a swing set for her birthday and you scoff. Where will it go, among the corn stalks and tomato vines?
5. You send apologetic notes to your neighbors who won’t see butterflies around their yards this year. They’ll all be at your place, fluttering about your butterfly bush.

6. You agree with Al Roker: The weather is the most important part of the newscast.
7. But, of course, you receive weather alerts on your phone, too. From, like, five different apps. Better safe than sorry.
8. Your mom gives you a pretty tea towel for your birthday, and you think how it’s the perfect size for protecting your knees from the dirt.

9. You have the tiniest garbage can on the block — but the largest compost pile in town.
10. Your friends plan a special berry-picking trip every summer. You plan to lazily reach over and grab a few from your patio’s chaise every day.