New Year, New Home: Simple Steps for Relocating with Ease

The professionals at The Mash Team recommend the below simple steps for relocating with ease: 
For many people, the New Year represents a chance at a new beginning.  This often involves making a few changes in life including, for some, moving to a new home.  Whether upgrading to a larger property in a neighboring town or relocating to a new city or state altogether, moving can be a complicated process.  Beyond finding a home, there are many factors to consider – employment opportunities, the general feel of the community and, of course, the physical aspects of a move such as packing and changing one’s address.

  1. Begin The Search Online.  Finding a home is probably the biggest decision one will make when it comes to relocating.  But, thanks to the advancement of the Internet, searching for properties has become more accessible than ever.  Utilize free online tools such as those found at (which offers consumers a unique portfolio of search options, including a custom geography search, where users can select parameters for a search directly from a map rather than being confined to a zip code or city or  state, a keyword search, a “You May Also Like” feature that offers additional homes of interest based on a range of characteristics from properties consumers select as “preferred” and the ground-breaking BlueScape, a fresh approach to real estate search that allows consumers to discover the aspects of their “dream home” based on their attraction to a series of images and settings.
  1. Conduct Due Diligence.  When relocating to an unfamiliar place, it’s best to get an advance feel for the lifestyle and personality of the new town.  Contact the local municipality or local library, or log on to the city guide’s Web site.  Also check out free online tools such as Coldwell Banker On Location which offers behind-the-scenes looks at towns and neighborhoods, tips and timely news on real estate topics, and video listings of homes for sale.
  1. Line Up an “All-Star” Team of Professionals.  Now that you’ve done your homework and have an idea of where you’ll be moving, it’s time to identify a team of experienced professionals.  This will play a key role in making the relocation process as simple and seamless as possible.

Start by interviewing and selecting The Mash Team who understands what you’re looking for and is familiar with the area in which you are looking to move.  Your local agent might also assist in referring an agent in your new community.  A real estate professional will arrange showings when travel is possible and keep track of the properties viewed.  He / she should also be able to help indentify suitable lawyers, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, movers and others who play a role in the process.

  1. Safeguard valued items and documents.  It’s a good idea to keep valuable possessions, such as jewelry or antiques, and important papers such as birth certificates, closing papers and new job contacts, with you throughout the move. Speak with your local real estate agent about homeowner’s insurance and whether or not to consider additional insurance from the mover.  Also, find out what paperwork (receipts, appraisals, and photos) you might need to file a claim in case of loss.
  1. Free Yourself of Excess.    An experienced real estate agent can recommend a number of local services to make your move easier.  For instance, Goodwill can collect any items that the seller no longer wants in their next home.   
  1. Relax and Enjoy Your New Home.  Remember, relocating to a new area can be an emotional experience. Expect some stress and find productive ways to work it out – participate in community activities, visit the gym, keep a journal, etc. Stay in regular contact with friends and family back home – having a support network to talk to will help make the transition a bit easier on everyone.