Keurig and its competitors seek guilt-free ways to dispose of coffee pods

An immediate solution is on the market, but it could cost you.

The private company TerraCycle will disassemble and recycle industry leader Keurig’s K-Cups for a fee.keurig-s-single-serving-k-cups

City-funded recycling depots don’t want your K-Cups. “The municipalities just shy away because there’s so many components to separate,” says Vanessa Farquharson, communications manager for TerraCycle Canada.
But TerraCycle is willing to do the job if Keurig consumers buy a special box, fill it with pods, and send it to the company to be recycled. The non-reusable boxes start at $52.99 for the small size, which holds 250 K-Cups.
TerraCycle has partnerships with other single-serve machine makers, where the companies actually pay for the recycling, not the customer. But it has not yet been able to secure a similar deal with Keurig.
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