Men vs. Women: Who ‘wears the pants’ in the home buying process?

It seems when it comes to home buying, there are some definite differences between how men vs. women approach the process. mom&dadColdwell Banker® has just released the findings of their latest consumer survey tracking the gender preferences of more than a thousand home buyers. Here are some highlights of the survey findings:

Women may be inclined to make up their mind more quickly than men …
•When asked how long it took before they knew their home was “right” for them, almost 70 percent of women had made up their mind the day they walked into the house, vs. 62 percent of men.
•Significantly more men needed two or more visits: (32 percent vs. 23 percent of women).

Women would rather live closer to their extended family than to their job …
•55 percent of women find it more important to be closer to their extended family (those that do not live in their household) than to their job, compared to only 37 percent of men.

A home’s security is a deal-breaker for both men and women …

· 64 percent of women said if they found the home of their dreams but had concerns about its security, they’d no longer be interested. More than half of men agreed (51 percent).

Couples say that no one “wears the pants in the relationship” in terms of major financial decisions …

· When asked who wears the pants in the relationship (when it comes to major financial decisions, such as purchasing a home), almost 70 percent of respondents living with their significant other said it’s actually mutual.

Men and women tend to agree on how they would use a spare room

When asked how they would use an extra 12 x 12 room if it could be anything they wanted, men and women agreed on the top three most popular, and very practical, responses:

· Bedroom: 25 percent

· Office/Study: 15 percent

· Family Room / Den: 11 percent

Did any of these findings sound like you? Whether you find yourself in the mainstream, or you’ve got your own distinct preferences, rest assured that as your local Coldwell Banker sales representative we will listen to your needs and be there to help throughout the real estate process.