DIY Earth  Day Wildflower Bombs


I found this great site for the kids to make to for earth day

Celebrate Earth Day by creating these beautifying seed bombs resembling our earth. Kids will love making these, planting them and most of all witnessing the miraculous results! You can use the wildflower seed bombs to spread beauty all over: in your backyard, in places that are looking barren and unkempt or along roadsides. What better way to honour our Earth!

You’ll Need:

  • green and blue construction paper
  • seeds (we used a wildflower pack so we could plant all the colors of the rainbow!)
  • food processor
  • cheese cloth
  • elastics
  • cups & bowl

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Tear your paper into pieces and place in a bowl. Sure to be a fun job for any little willing hands!

Bowl filled with torn bits of blue and green construction paper.

Pour water over your paper bits until the paper is covered.

Pouring water into bowl full of torn construction paper.

Let your paper soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Add the bowl of water and paper to a food processor and blend.

Cut out a square of cheese cloth, lay it over a cup and secure it with an elastic. Pour half of your paper/water pulp into the cheese cloth to begin draining.

Three small glasses covered with cheesecloth, which holds a small amount of the water-and-paper pulp.

Sprinkle a small amount of seeds onto the pulp and then pour on the rest of your paper mixture on top.

A collage of two images, one of a hand holding a tiny amount of seeds (about 1/2 a teaspoon), and the other of the seeds sitting on top of the pulp on top of the cheesecloth suspended over a glass.

Undo the elastic and give the cheesecloth a squeeze to drain out more of the moisture.

Using the cheesecloth to squeeze out excess water from the pulp.

Roll them in your hands until they are nice and round.

A round seed bomb sitting in the palm of a hand. It's about the size of a plum.

Let your seed bombs dry.

Sink your beautiful little bombs in some soil, water them well and then let nature do the rest as they burst into a bright rainbow of flowers!

A collage of two images, one of three blue-and-green seed bombs and the other of a field of colourful wildflowers.

Happy Planting!