Solar energy powers 7,000 km bike ride across Canada

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A man from Northern Ontario is living the green dream, by riding across Canada on a solar-powered bike. Now, after 114 days on the road, he’s finally closing in on his final destination of St. John’s.
Thunder Bay resident Rick Small is riding a three-wheeled bike from British Columbia to Newfoundland, but unlike some bikers, he’s not just relying on his own strength to get him there.

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Small is carrying a trailer behind him, fitted with solar panels which help to power him down the highway.
“It has a 500-watt motor,” Small told CBC, while showing off the design of his bike.
“It’s a 48-volt system and I have 600 watts of solar … and that’s what I’m romping across the country with.
For his 7,000-kilometre journey, Small’s average speed was about 27 kilometres per hour.

Rick Small solar bike

Rick Small made his way from British Columbia to Newfoundland, using only a solar-powered bike. (CBC)

He hopes that his ride can show the potential of solar energy to replace carbon-based fuels. However, he does admit there are some limitations.
“It’s been a blast. It’s been really easy,” he said.
“The hard days are cloudy days, when it starts to rain and stuff, so I’ll have to pull over and set up and camp for the day.”