Crooked houses in Toronto on sale for $700K each

I guess these homes don’t come with any warranty.

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How much would you be willing to pay for a crooked house? That’s not a euphemism for anything. A couple of tilted, two-storey Toronto homes are on the market for $688,800 each.
The crooked castles are located in a rising area in the city’s west end near schools, subway stops and other amenities, and where many surrounding homes are priced in the millions.
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The homes’ funhouse postures are likely caused by the shifting infill of the creek that used to run through the neighbourhood. One of the homes is apparently also built on what was once a gravel pit.
According to the CBC, mending the foundations of the sloping homes could cost up to $100,000 each.
That’s quite a price to pay for a couple of fixer-uppers. Whatever the buyer chooses to do, let’s just hope they use a level.
Check out what it’s like inside one of Toronto’s crooked houses. This news segment was shot earlier this year, before the properties hit the market.