Tax scams hit Durham

This happen to my Sister in Law.  Please be careful.
Durham police are warning residents that they are receiving calls for more and more tax scams in recent weeks.
In some cases, residents will receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency, saying the victim owes money in back taxes, and if that money isn’t paid they will be arrested or that an arrest warrant has already been issued. The callers demand payment in the form of pre-paid credit cards, electronic money transfers and, most recently, through money orders.
Police advise that no reputable company or organization will advise you to make payments in this fashion, and that if you do receive a call like this, hang up and call police.
“Unfortunately, money scammed from the public is difficult to recover. Prevention and caution are your best defence,” a news release from Durham police reads. “By learning how to recognize a scam and report it, you can protect yourself and prevent others from becoming a victim of fraud. These warnings should be discussed with seniors who do not have access to this information.”
More information is available on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website at
Anyone wishing to report a fraud can do so by calling Durham police at 1-888-579-1520.