The Sweetest Way to Kick Off Valentine’s Day at Home

The Sweetest Way to Kick Off Valentine’s Day at Home

We found the best recipes for breakfast on Valentine’s Day

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year. Yuck, a Tuesday. If you are anything like me then going out for a nice dinner (or worse cooking one) after a long day at work sounds anything but romantic. That’s why this year I am flipping the script and focusing on kicking the day off with something sweet and what better way to do than with breakfast at my favorite place in the world…my home.

Last year, 11 Sweet Breakfast in Bed Ideas was one of our most popular posts in February so I decided to write a version 2.0. This year’s theme is all about Red Velvet and these recipes are sure to make breakfast on Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter, extra sweet. Enjoy!
Red Velvet Waffles | Go Eat & Repeat | Recipe Here
3 Words… Cream Cheese Glaze (mmmm)

Red Velvet French Toast | Cafe Delites | Recipe Here
What I love most about this picture is the fact that Karina added a few raspberries to the plate. In humble my opinion the fruit on this dish basically cancels out the rest of the calories.
red velvet pancakes valentines day breakfast
Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls | No. 2 Pencil | Recipe Here
Dessert for breakfast…yes please!
red velvet breakfast cinnamon rolls

Red Velvet Crepes | Six Sister’s Stuff | Recipe Here
Close your eyes, take a bite and imagine yourself vacationing in Paris.
Red velvet crepe
Red Velvet Pancakes | DAN 330 | Recipe Here
Short stack or full…whichever you choose will  be a delight!
red velvet pancakes
Red Velvet Donuts | Homemade Hooplah | Recipe Here
While most donuts are fried these are actually baked, so don’t feel bad when you reach for seconds.
red velvet donuts
Red Velvet Nutella Hearts | I Love to Cook | Recipe Here
N U T E L L A!!! Need I say more?!

Red Velvet “Skinny” Shake | Mom on Time Out | Recipe Here
You and your honey can satisfy your sweet tooth with this recipe for 2!