Household Hacks: Coffee Filters

  • Coffee filters are great for having around the house, even if you don’t drink coffee. Here are some alternate uses for inexpensive paper coffee filters.
  • Use as a lint-free paper towel substitute for dusting, and for cleaning glass and windows.
  • Use to spread butter or oil around a baking pan.
  • Catch popsicle drips by poking a hole at the bottom of a coffee filter, inserting the popsicle stick into it and letting the filter catch the drips.
  • Cover bowls or plates with paper coffee filters to avoid splatters when heating up food for the microwave.
  • Protect delicate china and non-stick cookware by placing flattened coffee filters in-between items to prevent scratching.
  • Sprinkle a few drops of liquid fabric softener or essential oil onto a coffee filter to make your own scented dryer sheet.
  • Place a coffee filter in the bottom of a planter to prevent dirt particles from going through the hole at the bottom. #cbrmr