The Fifth Wall

Homeowners aiming to make a decorating statement will often apply a bold or vibrant paint shade on one wall of a room as an accent feature. If you’re trying to decide which wall to treat, don’t forget about the “fifth wall” … the ceiling!

Michelangelo was onto something way back in the 1500s when he painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling; however, if you have something a little less involved in mind for your ceiling project, check out these ideas.

  • Flip your expectations. Instead of the traditional light shade of paint for the ceiling and dark paint for the walls, why not switch them around? Some decorators will tell you to avoid this combination in small rooms as a dark ceiling can visually lower it and make the room feel smaller than it already does, but if you switch the word “small” with “cozy” it may give you a different view of the room.
  • Would you consider wood? Wood isn’t only for floors and walls — tongue-and-groove wooden planks, for example, which can stain or paint to match the rest of the room, can add a warm charm.
  • Stick to a statement on your ceiling. Wallpaper isn’t just for vertical walls — there are patterns, even in metallic designs, which can add massive visual interest to your ceiling for a reasonable cost. If you have a bigger budget, check out faux tin or patterned metal ceiling tiles.
  • Put a ring on it. Sometimes something as simple as framing your hanging light fixture with a ceiling medallion can add instant personality to a room.
  • Get trim. Adding crown molding around a room and even as a ceiling design allows trim to create a royal finish for your walls and ceiling.

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