6 Unusual Homes Revolutionizing Tiny Living

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Kabin in Sutton, Quebec

Kabin Sutton, Quebec
Photo courtesy of Kabin Sutton
Kabin Sutton Interior, Quebec
Photo courtesy of Kabin Sutton

They may be surrounded by nature but these tiny hotel dwellings can hardly be considered rustic. Nestled in the forest, not far from the Mont Sutton Ski Resort in the Eastern Townships, Kabin is a resort with little homes on stilts. Each “SHAK,” is comfortable and fully equipped, boasting a washer and dryer, full kitchen, big-screen TV and even outdoor jacuzzi tubs. Now that’s living!

SWELL (anywhere!)

a sailboat
Via captainlizclark on Instagram

The 40-foot sailboat captained by Californian surfer Liz Clark is a testament to the freedom that tiny living can provide. For a decade, Clark has sailed 20,000 nautical miles to remote atolls in the French Polynesia and back. Her infinite blue backyard has no fence — she snorkels with unicorn fish and can brag about owning a “starlit bathtub.” For Clark, tiny house living means no grass to cut and endless days spent practicing grab-rail drops instead.

Pod Idladla in South Africa

a tiny pod home in South Africa
Photo / mblife.co.za / Lisa Johnston

In South Africa, “nano homes” are an essential solution for shared living villages and student accommodations. The Pod Idladla is a 17-square-metre modular unit that doubles as a grown-up version of Lego. Connect the Lego blocks for a multi-use space or streamline your life with one. Task rooms double as office and laundry space or a coveted couch-surfing spot for your visiting pals.

Smart Communities in Kingston, Ontario

a neighbourhood of small houses in Kingston, Ontario
Via Facebook

As a savvy solution to increased housing costs, the city of Kingston is part of Smart Communities Ontario, a non-profit commune approach to sustainable living. A group of like-minded individuals invested in a small parcel of land and became equal shareholders by building their own tiny homes for under $25,000 per person. In Keewatin, Ontario, a similar project on 50 acres allows residents to live comfortably off-grid with a community garden and workshop.

Airstream living (anywhere!)

Courtesy of Hopscotch the Globe
Courtesy of Hopscotch the Globe

Hopscotch the Globe founders Kristen and Siya live a charmed, nomadic life that most of us can only dream of. By completely transforming their 1976 Airstream Sovereign into a tiny oasis, the Canadian couple can travel anywhere in North America and still be right at home. It may be tiny, but they managed to squeeze a king-sized bed into their 200-square-foot, bohemian abode – a choice they later described as “one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

Caravan, United States

a caravan trailer park
A bonfire gathering by guests in the Caravan Lot. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Freeman
a tiny caravan home
Exterior of the Amazing Mysterium caravan. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Freeman
interior of a caravan home
Interior of the Amazing Mysterium caravan. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Freeman

Test drive the nano life by booking an entire house at Caravan, a tiny-house hotel in the Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregan. Channel your inner gypsy in one of their six sweet micro rentals. The Skyline is salvage gone wild — check out the crowbar door handle and shed roof built from recycled refrigerator panels. The 120 to 170-square-foot homes are a taste of tiny — served with s’mores ‘round the campfire.

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