Words That Work

After trudging through one property after another with your real estate representative, you’re just about ready to give up on finding your perfect next home until you take one step into a certain front door and realize … “This is it!” Unfortunately, you may not be the only person who feels that instant connection. What can you do to give you the edge over another potential buyer?

Obviously, money talks and the highest offer is typically the primary trigger to sway the sellers. If the sellers are faced with two similar offers, however, an appeal that targets the emotional factors in this type of transaction can often tip the scales. Consider expressing yourself to the sellers via a personal letter that creates a personal connection.

What you should aim for in your letter is to convey to the sellers how much you love their home and the area, how you felt a connection with the home as soon as you entered, and how you can envisage building memories in their home with your own family. What you don’t want to mention in the letter is how you’re desperate for a property because you’ve lost out on so many other ones, or how you can’t wait to completely gut and renovate the place.

You may be able to tell if the seller has kids, or pets. If you have a similar family makeup you could certainly mention that in your letter too: “We could immediately visualize our own family — my husband Michael and me, 4-year-old Emma and our 3-year-old Pug, Sam — spending many happy hours playing in your airy, sunny den, and enjoying daily adventures in the beautiful park across the street.” Sellers have even been known to be swayed by a photo of the buyer’s dog, when included with the letter!

If you love the seller’s decorating style, upgrades and attention to details, mention it. If you grew up in the area and/or have family in the area you want to live close to, by all means add that to the letter. If you’re flexible with the closing date, or if you can offer a cash sale, those can often sway a seller too. Talk to your real estate sales representative for more ideas to include in your successful buyer letter!