It’s Easy to Be Green!

It’s Easy to Be Green!

Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? Have a closer look … the reason could be that it’s artificial grass! Here are some pros and cons of faking the perfect, green lawn.

Pro: You’ll save on water. Not having to water the grass means a consistently green lawn without spending a penny in water utility expenses. In addition, no watering also means you don’t have to worry about your grass drying up during a summer drought.

Con: While it doesn’t dry and die, it does get hot! Artificial grass doesn’t provide the cool relief of natural grass on your bare feet during a hot, sunny day.

Pro: No fertilizing, no lawn mowing!

Con: Artificial grass isn’t completely maintenance-free. You still need to rinse the lawn once in a while to remove any dirt or debris, and give it a gentle rake to prevent it from getting matted.

Pro: No fertilizer runoff to poison local waterways, and no carbon pollution from lawn mowers.

Con: While the environmental “pros” are nothing to dismiss, artificial grass also has none of the environmental benefits of natural grass, and in fact concerns have been raised about the adverse health and environmental effects of its materials.

Pro/Con: When selling your house, you’ll find some buyers who will love your lawn’s appearance and ease of maintenance, while the artificial aspect may turn other buyers completely off. In the meantime, depending on where you live and what your moving plans are, why not ask #TheMashTeam for their opinion, to find out if it would be a sales pro or con for you?