Why Stage Your Home?

Why Stage Your Home?

Interested in something that will attract more potential buyers, help your home sell faster and produce a higher selling price? Of course you are! So take a minute to learn about the benefits of staging.

Staging a home involves completely decluttering, depersonalizing and then recreating the appearance of your living space to make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living there, which helps sell your home faster and for a higher dollar value. In fact, since a high percentage of home buyers start their search online, posting eye-catching photos of staged properties can work as the seller’s best friend in capturing immediate buyer interest well before they even step in the door.

The National Association of REALTORS® reports in their latest published Profile of Home Staging that nearly two-thirds of sellers’ agents agree that staging a home decreases the amount of time a home stays on the market. As far as the monetary return on your staging investment, 31 percent of buyers’ agents report that staging a home increases its dollar value by 1 to 5 percent, while another 13 percent say that staging increases the dollar value by 6 to 10 percent. From the perspective of sellers’ agents, 29 percent reported an increase of 1 to 5 percent in dollar value offered by buyers, 21 percent reported an increase of 8 to 10 percent, and 5 percent reported an increase of 11 to 15 percent.

Staging ideally starts with a clean slate so, in addition to completely decluttering your home, it’s vital to have it deep cleaned — including windows, carpets and the inside and outside of closets and cupboards. A professional home stager will advise you on which furniture and other effects should stay and what needs to be removed, and may also take care of renting replacement furniture and home décor that will create a more fashionable, yet neutral visual. Seventy-seven percent of buyers’ agents say that staging a home makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home, while 40 percent are more willing to walk through a staged home they first saw online.

Where should you focus your staging efforts? Both buyers’ and sellers’ agents agreed that the living room is the most important room to stage, followed by the master bedroom, and then the kitchen.

There are lots of details that go into successfully staging a home for sale, from the amount of light you bring into each room (hint: as much as possible!), to the little vignettes you set up to create mood (a cozy throw, an open book and a pair of glasses atop your most comfortable chair; a bowl of fresh fruit and a gourmet cookbook open to a scrumptious recipe in the kitchen; fresh flowers, a folded newspaper and a cappuccino cup on a bedside tray).

Of course, staging your home doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to get any price you want for your home, but it will bring out the best in your property and present your home in the most flattering light, giving it the best chance of an expedient sale at the right price. Call #TheMashTeam at 905 728-9414 if you’re thinking about buying or selling a home either now in the the near future.