Ready, Set, Close!

Ready, Set, Close!

Every home sale is a unique transaction. However, there are some things every homeowner can do to help support the smooth closing of a sale.

The most immediate issue is to address the conditions of the purchase agreement that require action by you, the seller. These contingencies must be fulfilled by specific dates; not meeting them means having to arrange for an extension or even losing the sale altogether.

Gather and make available to the buyer any paperwork relevant to the purchase and closing of your home, as called for in the purchase agreement. Making the documents available promptly is a basic courtesy and can help the buyer conclude the inspection phase.

Every buyer is entitled to a house inspection, so you should ensure your property is made accessible, while the buyer needs to do his or her part by scheduling that inspection in a timely manner. In addition, you should make your home available for the buyer’s final walkthrough the day of or before the closing. Allowing the buyer this opportunity to confirm that the house is ready and any conditions have been met will reduce the chance of problems at closing.

Get ready for moving day by contacting your utility, telephone and television providers well ahead of time, to arrange transferring service to your new home. Have your insurance agent arrange the transfer of your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Send out change of address notices and advise the post office of your move. Contact a moving company and arrange your move on, or if possible prior to the date the buyer takes possession of your home.

Finally, it’s important that you notify your real estate representative¬† (TheMashTeam) immediately should anything change about your property or your situation.