UPDATE: On Proposed  Zoning Changes in Clarington

UPDATE: On Proposed Zoning Changes in Clarington

We have received more information from the Town of Clarington regarding the re-zoning being contemplated in the area. The hyperlink (Clarington Interactive Maps) that we included in our August 13th blog post goes directly to their interactive e-Map rather than the main project webpage – www.clarington.net/zoneclarington.  The interactive eMap is a supporting tool to assist individuals in comparing your current zoning and the zoning proposed in the first draft zoning by-law released in November 2018.  The draft zoning by-law is made up of two parts – the draft regulations and maps (schedules) that illustrate the specific zoning proposed for individual properties.  The complete first draft is available on the main project website.

The project webpage also provides a great deal of additional information about the zoning by-law review project, such as the project work planned, information sheets about specific topics, and links to both a comment form and a form to sign up as an interested party and receive project news and notices.  We would like to point people to the full suite of information in order to provide a more fulsome picture of the project details, information that is available, and project contact information.

Also in the section that we wrote “How it will affect you” there is more relevant information in the Presentation that was provided to Council on June 24th (pages 31 to 44) one the website about what people are assuming will occur and what they have done to address the misinformation.

In terms of the timeline for the zoning by-law review, a first draft of the proposed new zoning by-law was released in November 2018 for public comment.  The zoning by-law review project is on-going.  At least two more drafts will be released before a final draft is recommended to Council for approval, as well as many more public meetings. It will be more than a year before a new proposed zoning by-law is recommended to Council for approval.  In the meantime, the Municipality’s existing zoning by-laws remain in full force and effect.

If you live in #Clarington, or know someone who lives there, please pass along this important information. Be Informed!