Durham Region Year End Review

Housing Report 2019 by The Mash Team | The Mash Team The average selling price for a home in Durham Region was $611,242. Just 5 years ago the the average selling price was $391,692. Everyone knows that 2017 was a record year for home prices and last year we were just 3% under the record sale price in our area. Lets look at our sales history compared to 2019. The highest sale year was in 2016 with 12,654 transactions, 2015 recorded the next highest at 11,848 transactions and 2019 recording 10,634 transactions.

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What Sets The Mash Team Apart?

What's an iBuyer? They are mostly online companies like Zillow, and Redfin that allow you to request am offer for your home, sight unseen. If you accept, the company will purchase the home most likely at a discounted purchase price, re-list it and then sell it to someone else for most likely for a profit.

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