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Factors Affecting The Price Of Your Property

Lot Size | Comparable Properties | Condition Of Neighbors Property | Changes To Zoning In The Neighborhood | Proximity To Schools | Proximity To Shopping Malls | Distance To Public Transportation Stops | Age Of Home | Condition Of Roof | Condition Of Siding | Condition Of Foundation | Condition Of Trees | Concerns For Tree-infestation In The Neighborhood | Safety Of Neighborhood | Condition Of Fences | Condition Of Pools & Outbuildings | Heating Costs | Water Costs | Safety Of Water Supply | Condition Of Pump Systems | R-Value Of Insulation | Insulating Value Of Windows | Condition Of Carpets & Hardwood Floors | Safety Of Stairs & Banisters | Utility Of Backyard | Condition & Safety Of Gas Pipes & Connections | Age & Condition Of Appliances | Age & Aesthetics Of Bathrooms | Aesthetics Of Fixtures | Aesthetics Of Paint & Wall Finishes | Condition & Safety Of Electrical System | Condition & Costs Of Hot Water Tank | Condition Of Driveway | Condition Of Garage Door & Garage Door Opener | Legality Of Apartments & Tenant Agreements | Size Of Closets | Size Of Living Room | Size Of Master Bedroom | Size Of Dining Room | Condition & Utility Of Basement

The Effects Of Gentrification

One of the things we're observing in the Durham Region is big-city money coming in to older neighborhoods, tearing down what was there and erecting contemporary, architectural wonders for which there just are not any comparable properties, especially when the building costs exceed anything already built on the street.

The risk here is that your property will be valued more for its serviced-lot value rather than the total experience of living in the structure on top of the land - regardless of the improvements and features that it offers. If you are concerned about such situations in your neighborhood then let's talk - perhaps, now, is the time to discuss maximizing your market price sooner than later - call us today for professional advice.

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